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Travel and cancellation insurance is not included in your placement. It is the responsibility of the participant to contract it. Travel insurance is compulsory, and must cover the entire duration of your stay abroad.

Chapka Assurances, the favorite insurance for young people and travelers is now the partner of Action dans le Monde and offers you insurance adapted to all our programs!

Thanks to this partnership, you will benefit from a 5% discount by clicking on one of the links in this article when you take out insurance. With Chapka Assurances, the contracts are adapted to each type of traveler whatever the format of commitment: internship abroad or volunteering and cancellation insurance, Chapka will offer you the offer adapted to your needs knowing that this step is essential. .

-Cap Cancellation:

-Cap Student:

-Volunteering Cap:

On the other hand, also take advantage of the cancellation insurance. Indeed, taking out travel insurance is a mandatory step to deal with the unexpected, because you simply cannot predict what tomorrow will bring. Accident, illness, theft, loss of luggage… the risks incurred by travelers during a stay abroad are numerous. As a result, Chapka also offers you the possibility of having the costs of your trip reimbursed in the event of cancellation of the trip for justified reasons!

Don't forget to use the link above to benefit from a 5% discount on your travel insurance subscription.

We remind all travelers participating in a program with Action dans le Monde that travel insurance is compulsory.

We also remind you that Action dans le Monde is only a partner of Chapka Assurance and is in no way responsible for your subscription.

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