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Action dans le Monde has been working for more than 15 years with many partners around the world. This charter presents a few basic rules in order to make the commitment of each volunteer within Action dans le Monde something truly useful and valuable.

Here are the commitments that guide all our work:

1- Respect for our volunteers
We are aware that the decision of our members to join us is not always easy and that you invest a lot of time, energy and money to help your neighbour. It deserves our respect. We will do our best to be worthy of your trust.

2- Respect for the communities with which we work

The cultural differences in our countries of action make our planet rich. Our partner organizations and host families want to share with our volunteers. This commitment also deserves our respect.


3- The safety of our volunteers
Your safety is our top priority. As such, we make sure to send you to safe places where you can work with a professional local population who has a detailed knowledge of the field. On the other hand, throughout your stay, we maintain contact with you.

4- The service provided to our local partners

Your work within the host community was determined prior to your arrival. So you already know what awaits you there. It always meets a real need. On the other hand, our teams regularly assess the seriousness of our partners and their work to ensure that the role of volunteers is respected.

5- Proximity

Because you are leaving far from your families and loved ones, our office in France remains at their disposal to answer their questions if necessary. We also make sure that in all our destinations we have representatives and employees nearby to help you and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To this, we make sure that you have an internet connection nearby so that you can easily be in contact with your loved ones.

As for the member, he will undertake to:


6- Respect the local populations

On most missions, our volunteers are housed in separate locations. This allows cultural immersion to take place smoothly within the host country. Each volunteer is asked to respect the rules of the inhabited premises, the cultural and religious differences as well as the differences in living conditions (food, housing, behavior towards women and elders, dress, etc.).

7- Respect partners

Volunteers are called upon to represent us within our local partners. We build partnerships based on a principle of reciprocity and ensure that your participation does not replace local employment. We ask our volunteers to respect the project led locally by our partner, to promote exchanges, to show goodwill and flexibility to provide effective assistance and an understanding of local needs. We also ask that they submit to the work rules.

8- Respect international and local legislation

Each volunteer undertakes to respect the laws and customs in force in the country in which he works. He also undertakes to accept the possible material or human limitations of the structures in which he engages.

9- Respect the rights of children

Volunteers are often required to work with vulnerable children. In the event of a violation of children's rights, each volunteer is encouraged to report the situation to the local team.

10- Stay humble

Respect the partners The volunteer does not leave to “save the world” but to make an effective contribution at their level to help populations and/or the environment.

11- Have a good conduct

The volunteer undertakes to behave in a good manner throughout the time he is involved in Action dans le Monde. This manifests itself by remaining polite and friendly with the members or beneficiaries of the projects of Action in the World, He will pay the reservation fees on time under penalty of delay or cancellation of the trip. He will respect those in charge and their directives entrusted to him for his work. He will not impose his ideas, opinions or visions of things (because Action dans le Monde is multicultural). He will deliver the work requested on time, will be present at all meetings (except internet malfunction or behind closed doors), he will give his availability schedules and must stick to them. And, in case of absence, must notify two days in advance.


Sharing, contributing and contributing, Action dans le Monde is a young structure in constant and perpetual development thanks to you.


Also, the volunteer undertakes to propose ideas during meetings to improve the work, the NGO or the structure that hosts it. He undertakes to help one another with the other volunteers. It is around these values and principles that the actors of Action dans le Monde come together and participate in building the world of tomorrow. It is the responsibility of each volunteer to become a full player in their mission, as well as an ambassador of these values through their actions, their behavior and the continuation of their commitments upon their return. However, any obvious breach of one of these principles on the part of a volunteer may lead Action dans le Monde to take the necessary measures.

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