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You are about to leave with Action dans le Monde. As our name suggests, we work in countries with all forms of culture, religion and tradition. To carry out your work, we want to remind you that the key to the success of your time abroad and your internship is respect. Indeed, having read about your country of destination, watched reports or having friends or family who lives in the country will not allow you to understand all the subtleties of the country. Respect, listen to the people who are your referents in the work and the advice of the locals so that everything goes perfectly!


Here is a list of things to avoid.


1- Women dressing too sexy or men walking around bare-chested.

Avoid this kind of attitude whatever your destination abroad. Most developing countries are places where tradition and modesty are important and a sign of propriety. The same applies if you travel to remote areas of Europe. You represent our organization, therefore, you must take care of how you dress.


2- Negotiate while traveling for 5 euro cents

By going to a country, you will then be considered an international. Negotiating for such low prices, converted exchange rates, tarnishes the image of our country, and of ADM. Although in destinations like Asia or South America, you have to know how to negotiate, you also have to learn to have a happy medium. the people you will be helping does not justify your considering them as employees. On the contrary...


3- The way of speaking

Without realizing it, we can have "neocolonialist" remarks or behaviors.


The respect you will show


5- Take a wad of cash out of your pocket to pay very little The people you meet on the street and whom you help very often have a much lower cost of living than yours. So be careful not to hurt them or “tempt” them by showing them your money or your financial capacity. To do this, make sure you always have small cuts on you. 6- Not knowing how to say "hello" in the local language If you want to integrate quickly, you must learn to say a few words in the local language. On the one hand, this is very much appreciated but also, will be taken as a desire for integration. 7- Take a picture of a person without permission, no smile, nothing… Even if very often people won't say anything, they won't think less of it. You must ask permission to take someone's picture.

4- Complain for nothing

Wherever you go, don't think everything will be perfect and everything will run like clockwork. You are going to be confronted with the reality of the lives of millions of people who are suffering and with the work that ADM, all its international partners and the professionals of the country are trying to do. You will experience the problems and nonsense faced by the locals. To do this, you will need patience and endurance. Lots of stamina too. 3- The way of speaking Without realizing it, we can have "neocolonialist" remarks or behaviors. The respect you will show

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