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Action dand le Monde is an NGO. We are an organization with a social vocation, with human values and professional ethics. We operate independently and receive no subsidies from public or private institutions. The financial contribution of our volunteers and interns is our only source of income.

Why pay to volunteer?


By participating in a mission with ADM, you give your time and skills to communities in need through structured programs. However, even volunteering has a cost, especially if you want to support useful projects with long-term impacts. This is why our programs are chargeable.

Finding your own volunteer assignment can be a cheaper option. However, going through an organization like ours has many advantages. It is indeed not easy to find a reliable and interesting project in a foreign country. By registering with ADM, you benefit from the constant support of our placement teams at each stage of the project. You will work in a structured environment, be guided at every step by qualified professionals and act in line with long-term objectives.

In summary, by opting for Action dans le Monde, you are choosing to trust and to participate in a useful project with a tangible impact.

Where is the money going?


ADM is an independent organization that does not receive private funding or government grants. All of our funding comes from fees paid by our volunteers and interns. These fees are not a one-time donation to the project you have chosen. They help to cover the costs of your mission, the operation of all of our projects and our general costs as an organisation.

Under no circumstances do we ask for financial participation from our local partners. Our work is 100% funded by your contributions as a volunteer.

This financial independence gives us the freedom to set up projects wherever we believe they will have an impact and where our volunteers can provide concrete help.

Therefore, the price of your mission does not only cover the costs directly related to your presence in the field, but also all the other costs necessary for the organization of quality volunteering missions. We want to be as transparent as possible about how our volunteers' money is used. If it is difficult to give the exact detail of the redistribution of the contributions of each volunteer, we can however provide you with the average percentages of this distribution and clear explanations.


Below you will find the summary. Please note that these percentages represent an overall average and are based on 2020 data. These figures may vary depending on the country of origin, the country of action, the time of year, the type of project and other factors.





Direct costs related to the presence of the volunteer in the field: on average 35%

Although the volunteer gives their time, costs associated with their presence in the country must be covered. These daily costs include meals, accommodation, transport between accommodation and the mission location, transport to and from the airport and travel and medical insurance. The participation of the volunteers also makes it possible to finance activities and to buy the necessary material as much for the schools as for the construction missions.

Indirect costs related to the presence of the volunteer: on average 35%

The presence of volunteers on site generates much more costs than one might imagine. The costs cover, in particular, indirect costs that allow the performance of interesting missions in complete safety.

Our volunteers benefit from the experience and knowledge of the field of our local teams. These teams are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support the volunteers. They build relationships with local partner structures and ensure that each project pursues useful and well-founded objectives. Part of your participation covers the salaries of these teams and formations throughout the year.

Indirect costs also include the rental of our offices around the world and associated charges such as miscellaneous equipment and means of communication. We also have to pay government registration fees and provide certified accounts.

Organizational costs: on average 30%

Leading an organization present in more than a hundred countries requires a lot of organization. This requires investing in human resources, management, in a management and administration system, and in information technology. All of this requires trained and qualified personnel (and a salary for each of them) as well as infrastructure and offices for these employees to do their job.

How much does it cost to participate?

All our projects require the payment of a deposit of €300 at the time of registration. This amount is deducted from the total price of your mission and allows us to secure your commitment to the project. The rest of the mission expenses are due 3 months before your departure date. We understand that in these uncertain times, it is difficult to plan a stay abroad. If you cannot leave due to restrictions related to international stays or quarantines in place, we offer you flexible options which also include full reimbursement of the stay.

Beyond this deposit, each project is priced differently. You can find the prices page of the site.

You will also notice that the price only increases gradually depending on the duration of your mission. In terms of rates, a 4-week mission is therefore not twice as much as a 2-week mission. This means that it is more interesting to consider a longer mission, if you have the time.

We understand that paying one large payment can be daunting. That's why we offer you to do it in installments - giving you full control over how and when you pay.

What is included in the price?

Each project is different, it is important to first check what you really want to do. However, we have drawn up a general list of the elements included in the rates and applicable to the majority of our projects:

  • online training,

  • Accommodation,

  • Food (three meals a day) for teenage camps, humanitarian missions and worksites,

  • Airport transfers (arrival and departure),

  • Full orientation by a member of our local team upon arrival in the field,

  • Land transport to and from your place of work,

  • Support and accompaniment 24/24 on the ground by our local teams,

  • Assistance from our international emergency team in the event of a problem,

  • Equipment and materials for your project,

  • Training and workshops provided by our local teams,

  • Certificate of participation in the project,

  • Support for visa procedures

  • Individual preparation for departure by your placement officer,

  • Signature of your internship agreement if applicable,

  • volunteer passport.

What is not included in the prices:

  • Flights,

  • Visa fees (if applicable),

  • Travel, medical and repatriation insurance.

Extend your mission


Please note that extensions made after the start of your assignment will be charged at the "Extra Weeks" rate. The price also applies to children aged 4 to 14 accompanied by an adult.

For more information on the costs of an in-place extension, please de Contact us.

Fund raising

Seeking the necessary funding to carry out a project abroad can be daunting. However, fundraising can be a fruitful and rewarding adventure!


If you want to get involved in several projects, several countries of action or leave as a group or family, please contact us beforehand. We will assist you in planning your itinerary and can normally offer you a discount.

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