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We understand that in these uncertain times, it is difficult to plan a stay abroad. If you cannot leave due to restrictions related to international stays or quarantines in place, we offer you flexible options.

It is possible for you to be able to take out cancellation insurance for your trip when you take out your placement, mainly because the online training fees are not refundable. On the other hand, there is no withdrawal period in the services of Action dans le Monde, for any conditions (Decision n°1081 of November 25, 2010 (09-70.833) - Court of Cassation - First Civil Chamber of the Consumer Code). 

In case of cancellation, you will have to turn to your travel and stay insurance.

Cancellation insurance, being optional, will therefore be added to the total cost of the stay. Please note that our cancellation insurance covers "all justified causes". You are covered up to €8,000 per person and €40,000 per event for the following reasons:

- If you cancel due to an external, sudden, unforeseeable, justified event beyond your control;

- If you are medically unable to practice the activities planned during the trip.

Here are some examples of the reasons covered:

- Illness, accident, death of the insured himself, or of a member of his family (including relapse and aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing illness that has not resulted in hospitalization within 30 days preceding the purchase of the insurance);

- Complication of pregnancy or pregnancy not known at the time of registration for the trip and against indicating the trip;

- Economic dismissal of the insured or the spouse;

- Refusal of tourist visa;

- Modification or cancellation of leave by the employer;

- Theft of papers 48 hours before departure;

- Cancellation for all justified, "unforeseeable", "independent of your will" and "external" causes (be careful, we do not cover if you simply no longer want to leave);

- Option Attack on the place of stay (within a radius of 30 km and within 30 days prior to arrival at the place of stay). Please note that this option is limited to specific cases.

For each cause, a specific deductible applies.

The insurance has negotiated exclusive guarantees related to Covid-19 for you before or during your trip.

 Covid-19 - What does our contract cover?


What is covered:

- Cancellation in the event of contraction of Covid19 before departure,

- Cancellation in the event of quarantine before departure,

- Cancellation if access to boarding is refused following a temperature check set up by the authorities or the carrier.

- Cancellation if you are a contact case declared by Health Insurance, your travel departure date is during your period of isolation and on presentation of the necessary supporting documents (PCR test results + Health Insurance document ).

What is excluded:

- Cancellation linked to an illness without medical proof issued by a doctor,

- Cancellation linked to travel restrictions resulting directly from a health event (including a pandemic, including Covid-19), known to the World Health Organization on the date of booking the trip. It may these include confinement, border closure on departure or destination, mandatory quarantine on arrival. 

- Reimbursement of all or part of the trip when it has been paid in whole or in part by means of a "credit", "credit" or "voucher".

- Cancellation if you are in contact without official proof.

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