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(Volunteers with children)

Many people want to volunteer or get involved in a humanitarian organization. Unfortunately, going on a humanitarian mission is not accessible to everyone, which is why our organization has set up these operations. Thanks to Action dans le Monde, you will be able to easily get involved in proving its will and its determination for humanitarian action.

The basics of humanitarianism


Living a humanitarian experience allows you to discover and feel the generosity of people. Many humanitarians have testified to the great experiences they have had which have enabled them to have a new vision of the world and a new perception of life because they are confronted with people in great physical and moral distress and the awareness of the misery in which the populations of the countries of destination live. it can have a great psychological impact and teach a lot.


Humanitarian aid offers its practitioners, in addition to their discovery of new cultures, the possibility of giving aid to communities in difficulty and participating in local development efforts as volunteers. This is also an excellent way to get to know others, encounters that can be very rewarding.


But we must not forget that doing humanitarian aid means giving your motivation and your time for people who need it, especially those who find themselves in a difficult situation, by offering them our skills so that people in need can develop.

Why so much motivation?


Many young Europeans dream of going on a humanitarian mission for free. They want to go and try the humanitarian adventure on a voluntary basis, so they volunteer with associations or sometimes engage in individual initiatives. Participating in a humanitarian mission, even for free, also allows you to open up to other professional horizons and to understand other social realities. And for the specialists who attempt the humanitarian adventure, the moral satisfaction of having contributed to the construction of a better world is full and fulfilling.

Volunteering: “is an unpaid and freely chosen activity, which is generally carried out within an institution, NGO or association”.

The humanitarian volunteer is a person of "good will", who wants to feel useful and do something for others. It is involved in various and varied fields, such as sport, culture, humanitarian work, health, social action, the defense of human rights, eco-volunteering, etc.

That's the short version, but what about the facts? Here we will try to explain the reasons why international volunteering can be beneficial for you, but especially for others:

  1. An international volunteer experience is highly appreciated by recruiters, it demonstrates your commitment and your level of involvement in society.

  2. You want to discover a country and a culture in total immersion in direct contact with the populations

  3. You want to travel differently

  4. You want to pass on your passion, your knowledge or your job to those who need it

  5. You want to push your limits and discover yourself from a different angle

  6. Take a break for a useful parenthesis in your life

  7. Create new memories and write a new chapter in your life

  8. Make a cultural and linguistic exchange

  9. Live a unique adventure

  10. Make new acquaintances

  11. Improve your knowledge of foreign languages

  12. explore the world

  13. Have a social impact and a desire to change things

  14. But the essential reason common to all travelers participating in an international volunteer program and specific to each participant is obviously the desire to help

To live an intense experience in your personal enrichment and to be an active actor of the change that you wish to see in your world, nothing beats an international volunteer program. The choice of the host country will depend on your objectives and the time you want to devote to it.

We are at your disposal to help you in your steps and answer your questions.

Don't wait for your life to have meaning and give it one.

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