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Indian children playing in a park in India.

Anyone can participate in our humanitarian stays. Action dans le Monde is an international solidarity organization that allows those who wish, without disrupting their lives, to impact the lives of populations in need, in complete safety, regardless of their initial training. You will thus be able to realize your deepest aspirations, to come back enriched, valued, with the feeling of having been useful for the populations... and of having only one desire, to leave!



Youth Camps are programs that have been designed for 14-17 year olds. The goal is to be able to allow the youngest to be able to have an initiation to humanitarianism while discovering a culture. 

During our Youth Camps, you will be able to:

- Be supervised by our local team on site who will help you acclimatize and make the most of your project, especially if it is your first trip abroad.

- Do volunteer work or an internship alongside other young international volunteers of your age.

- You will be able to get to know them and take part in different activities and excursions with them. 

- Depart on fixed dates, following a specific program and itinerary, offering a structure adapted to young high school students like you.  


From the age of 18, you can go alone or accompanied in one of our projects abroad. On the menu, several possible programs: the mission or the humanitarian site which are very similar.

The humanitarian camp is a humanitarian operation set up by the NGO, at a defined time, with an objective decided by the NGO in which the volunteers participate when the mission is an operation set up by the participant who will decide everything : the duration, the destination, the project... Our flexible missions are open to all volunteers.

During these programs, you will work alongside volunteers from all over the world and will have many opportunities to meet people of all backgrounds and backgrounds. 

Young people & adults ; Camps

If you are a student, our internships abroad will certainly interest you! As such, we have two formulas, one adapted to university/grandes écoles students and the other for (para)medical students.

For paramedical students, we offer a formula of placement in a structure where we take care of almost everything on site when for students in the university/grandes écoles, simply the placement and support.  If you are looking for an exceptional internship adapted to your profile and your availability, don't hesitate any longer, our placements are made for you!

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Our humanitarian family stays are ideal for all families looking to do something different, to learn and grow together. We can accommodate any type of audience, ranging from families with young children, to those looking for mother-daughter volunteer opportunities, for example. For families volunteering abroad, we also offer:

- A hassle-free organization: we take care of all the logistical details concerning your stay on site,

- Full support, 24/7 by our local teams in each country​.

Every child learns by observing their parents and the people around them. Take the plunge with your family and discover what you are capable of together, by carrying out a volunteer mission abroad! These solidarity family holidays will allow you to broaden your children's horizons by taking them out of their comfort zone. 


We recommend volunteers aged 50 and over wishing to use their free time to volunteer for humanitarian missions allowing them to discover and share specific skills, to supervise,... On site, you will meet other volunteers from around the world. wishing, like you, to have a positive and lasting impact on local communities. The missions for seniors do not have fixed dates, they are prepared with the volunteer at the start in a personalized way. However, on site, you will live an authentic experience in full immersion in local life. Throughout your project, you will benefit from the support of our local team responsible for ensuring that your mission takes place in the best conditions. You will be able to concentrate on your solidarity actions with complete peace of mind.

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