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(Heads of houses in Cambodia)

Every year, many people on humanitarian missions around the world. These are mainly young students, who decide to take a break from school to give some of their time and help others.


In Anglo-Saxon countries, it is very common for young people to take a sabbatical year to engage internationally. In addition, there are also many young people who have just graduated and who leave to do an end-of-studies internship, to have their school curriculum validated or quite simply to acquire some experience in the field of health, for example, or for a first job, and then they very often go to international volunteering. 


Another important group of people committing internationally are retirees who have more time to carry out these humanitarian volunteer missions because it is never too late to serve, take care of others and fulfill your dreams. .

International volunteering also allows you to discover other cultures and ways of life. The life of a volunteer in the host country is an extraordinary adventure. Being in total immersion with the population, because he will live among the locals, he will share their daily life, having the possibility of working among them and living with them.

Action dans le Monde offers six different types of commitment: animation, eco-volunteering, teaching, development, social, medical and education. These projects, which can also be personalized, will allow you to learn, grow but also allow you to return to transform through experience. All the volunteers know very well, by committing that they are not going to change the world but that by committing themselves, they hope to help, to bring their stone to the building of a better world.


By getting involved with establishments on a human scale such as Action dans le Monde, volunteers know that they will get involved more easily and that, if necessary, they will be listened to.

There are all kinds of missions. Some easy and some less. People who will want to help disabled children and others who prefer to work in nature reserves. Whatever the area of commitment, the transformation remains the same, the vision of the world changes and the love for one's neighbor grows.

Advice to all those who want to live this incredible experience of humanitarian volunteering:

– Want to help,

– Be motivated and positive,

– Do not underestimate yourself, your talents, however small they may be, have value!

- Everything will be alright. Spend the first few days, which are sometimes destabilizing, everything will be fine. 

Finally, learn that the volunteer is not a colonizer, and therefore should not behave like this. Also, he will have to respect the instructions given during these days of discovery and this will undoubtedly save him a lot of worries in his daily life.

In short, you have understood that volunteering is something that everyone should do at some point in their life, regardless of their impact, local or international. We all have something to contribute, we just have to decide it.

Interested? Do not hesitate any longer and discover the eco-volunteering, volunteering and linguistic programs en click here !

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